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  • Columbarium or Mausoleum

    Columbarium or Mausoleum: Choosing Location for a Loved One

    There are all sorts of options when it comes to storing the ashes of a loved one. While many choose to scatter the ashes, some prefer to have them interred or placed in a cemetery. Cemeteries are more than happy to accommodate the wishes of the family and they offer two great options: columbarium and mausoleum spaces. But which one is the right one for your loved one’s remains?

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  • Creative Ways to Personalize a Funeral

    Creative Ways to Personalize a Funeral

    People tend to have a certain idea of what a funeral service should look like. This can make the service seem impersonal and not at all in touch with who the person being honored was. That is the reason why many funeral homes encourage the family to think of creative ways to personalize the funeral service. 

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  • Cremation and Burial Programs

    Cremation and Burial Programs Available for Veterans

    If a loved one has served in the armed forces and is a veteran, he or she should look into the many options available to veterans for cremation and burial. Most funeral homes can accommodate these options.

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  • Cremations

    Cremation Urns: The Many Options Available

    Cremation can cost less and can have less of an impact on the environment than traditional burials, making it the conscientious choice for many.

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