Creative Ways to Personalize a Funeral

People tend to have a certain idea of what a funeral service should look like. This can make the service seem impersonal and not at all in touch with who the person being honored was. That is the reason why many funeral homes encourage the family to think of creative ways to personalize the funeral service. This kind of personalization can make it easier for people to say goodbye and can provide closure so that the grieving process can begin. There are a lot of creative things the family can try.

Photo Display Options

A great idea that can help personalize a funeral in a creative way is to come up with a different photo display. In most funerals, the photos are displayed very formally, but this does not have to be the case. Why not make a collage of favorite photos of the life of the deceased? It can be a good way to encourage people to tell stories of the person and to feel more comfortable smiling and speaking about the deceased. A great photo display can truly transform the mood of a funeral.

Memorial Gifts

Another good way of personalizing a funeral is to offer tokens to the people who go to the funeral. Some people choose to give out little bags of birdseed, for example, if the person used to love feeding birds, or a candle with an image that the deceased would have loved so that each time it is lit, people can remember them. The gifts do not have to be expensive. On the contrary, the homier and more personal they are, the more impact they will have. Speak with a Delmar, NY funeral home for more ideas.

Use Clothing

A new trend these days is to take pieces of clothing that the departed loved one used to wear and make them into keepsakes. People turn them into pillows or small sachets that they can keep close. Add them to the funeral service to bring a personal touch to the entire event. Funeral homes can help with this, providing people who can stitch the items together.

Unique Memorials

There is no reason to think that a funeral service can only be conducted in a church or funeral home. Why not have it in a park or somewhere that commemorates a special place the deceased used to love? By choosing a location that is a bit different, more options become available, including the release of balloons or lanterns, or anything else that the family wants.

All of these options can transform a funeral service into a personalized memorial that is deeply moving to everyone who attends. Take the time to be creative and do not be afraid of trying new things. A funeral service that has the spirit of the deceased will offer more comfort than a normal one. Get in touch with McVeigh Funeral Home, located at 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206, to get started. Call (518) 489-0188.